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<p>I am Robin Clower and currently I&#39;m earning degrees in Secondary Education: Mathematics and German, as well as an additional major in Mathematics at Oklahoma State University (Go Cowboys!) I lived in Germany as a child, but am now headed back after studying Germany&#39;s language, culture, and history for four years at OSU. My main passion in life is teaching, so I hope to teach y&#39;all something while I&#39;m in Germany and learning about myself.</p>

2015 Summer 1
2015 Summer 2
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Oklahoma State University
German Language, Mathematics

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fallback blogs
Robin Clower,

One Month Later

How am I enjoying life back in the States and how much do I miss Germany? Find out in the post!

A picture of the airplane hanger as seen from above
Robin Clower,

Tropical Island Resort

This weekend I met up with my parents about an hour south of Berlin and went to a tropical paradise! Find out how in the post!

Viktoriapark Waterfall
Robin Clower,

Berlin: A Green City

Berlin is a lush city, with trees every 20 feet and parks around every corner. See me espouse even more about this in the full post!

RIP made of stones on the beach of Omaha
Robin Clower,

The Beaches of Normandy

I got to explore the beaches of Normandy and visit locations that I have read about since I was a child. See my impressions in the post!

Crosses at the Douaumont Ossuary
Robin Clower,

Reflection on the Somme

The battlefields from World War I are still haunting to visit and comprehend the destruction that took place.