Robin Clower

<p>I am Robin Clower and currently I&#39;m earning degrees in Secondary Education: Mathematics and German, as well as an additional major in Mathematics at Oklahoma State University (Go Cowboys!) I lived in Germany as a child, but am now headed back after studying Germany&#39;s language, culture, and history for four years at OSU. My main passion in life is teaching, so I hope to teach y&#39;all something while I&#39;m in Germany and learning about myself.</p>

2015 Summer 1
2015 Summer 2
Home University:
Oklahoma State University
German Language, Mathematics

Blogs by Robin Clower

Robin Clower,

Tropical Island Resort

This weekend I met up with my parents about an hour south of Berlin and went to a tropical paradise! Find out how in the post!

Robin Clower,

Berlin: A Green City

Berlin is a lush city, with trees every 20 feet and parks around every corner. See me espouse even more about this in the full post!

Robin Clower,

The Beaches of Normandy

I got to explore the beaches of Normandy and visit locations that I have read about since I was a child. See my impressions in the post!