Pre-Departure Post 1: I’m Already Here (And Jet Lagged)!

Robin Clower
May 22, 2015
Tired from Jet Lag

Hello everyone! I am Robin Clower, a college senior at Oklahoma State University receiving degrees in Secondary Education: Mathematics and German, as well as an additional major in Mathematics. After graduation, I am planning on being a math teacher who (when my students get unruly) can yell at them in German, but before then I am studying abroad in Berlin. Additionally, I am spending the month before school starts in Germany visiting my family who live here and completing research for my Honors Degree. For the degree, I am writing a report on how bygone wars continue to affect the modern day, for which I have already done two research papers about the specific battles listed below (accompanied by their respective wars).

30 Years’ War: The Battle of Magdeburg
Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Leipzig
World War I: The Battle of the Somme
World War II: The Battle of Normandy

I arrived here just over a week and a half ago. I definitely battled jet lag for a while, hence the post picture where I am seen passed out fully clothed on my unmade bed. Despite coming to study abroad in Germany, I've spent most of my time here so far in France with my dad and some family friends, taking pictures of the memorials, battlefields, and graves at the Somme and Normandy. I’ll write short posts about my experiences on the two battlefields to let y’all know what I thought of them in a couple of days, although to be honest, they’re also for me to look back on when I actually sit down to write my thesis next semester. Today, I am leaving for a weekend trip to Switzerland, followed by a couple of days in Leipzig and Magdeburg to round out the research for my paper. Fairly soon, I’ll be taking the train up to my new family in Berlin and formally starting my study abroad experience! Stay tuned for updates on my trips to the Somme, Normandy, die Schweiz, Leipzig and Magdeburg! Thanks for reading and if you have suggestions or want to hear more about specific topics, let me know in the comments below!

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<p>I am Robin Clower and currently I&#39;m earning degrees in Secondary Education: Mathematics and German, as well as an additional major in Mathematics at Oklahoma State University (Go Cowboys!) I lived in Germany as a child, but am now headed back after studying Germany&#39;s language, culture, and history for four years at OSU. My main passion in life is teaching, so I hope to teach y&#39;all something while I&#39;m in Germany and learning about myself.</p>

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