Morissa Pepose

<p>As an aspiring soprano opera singer, it is very clear why I chose to study abroad in Milan, the very city which houses the famous La Scala opera house! From St. Louis, MO originally, I currently study voice performance and Italian at Brandeis University near Boston, MA. I am an avid reader, dessert-enthusiast, and enjoy animals and taking leisurely strolls where I happen upon interesting people and places to explore. I am a triplet (with 2 brothers!) but am excited to be on my own, meeting new people and learning a bunch from locals and other students!</p>

2016 Spring
Home University:
Brandeis University

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Charming lakefront town on Lago di Garda
Morissa Pepose,

Lakes of Italy

Get away from the city of Milan and enjoy some beautiful lake views! It's not all about Lake Como...try Lago di Garda or Lago Maggiore instead.

A Night of Opera at La Scala
Morissa Pepose,

Finding My Place: Music in Milan

Time is moving quickly here in Milan! I'm now feeling very at home in the city --with the help of some wonderful music venues and exposure to something I love...

Morissa Pepose,

The Jitters: On Stage and Pre-Flight

In preparation for a semester in Milan, it's easy to start feeling nervous...but just keep reminding yourself to take a deep breath and relax! It's going to be...