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Katlyn Clarke

Hi! I'm Katie. I enjoy iced matcha lattes, sunset walks, and Bernedoodles! I'm a huge book lover, and will easily pick up the newest summer romance. I also have a knack for crafting playlists for friends and could listen to the same song all day!

2023 Fall
Home University:
Franklin & Marshall College
Government, Creative Writing

Blogs by Katlyn Clarke

fallback blogs
Katlyn Clarke,

Answering FAQs: Last Round

These are the last two questions I'll be formally answering as a part of my FAQ series! I wanted to provide a lengthier response to maintaining friendships from...

fallback blogs
Katlyn Clarke,

Answering FAQs!

In my last few days Amsterdam, I'm offering some answers to questions that I still get asked, or ones I was trying to figure out in the weeks before I left to...