Grace DeMun

<p>Hailing from Tacoma, WA, I&#39;m a English Literature and Psychology major who is thoroughly excited to be traveling an studying in Ireland in the fall. I&#39;ve lived my whole life in the PNW, so I&#39;m interested to see what this new adventure will bring (although weather-wise it seems pretty similar!) I love music and dancing (badly) and I have loved reading and stories for as long as I can remember. I draw the most inspiration and creative juices from experiencing new things and ideas, so I know I&#39;ll be bursting with words to be written and stories to be told during the four months I&#39;m away from home.</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Pacific Lutheran University
English, Psychology

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fallback blogs
Grace DeMun,

One Week

The end of the semester wrap up and reflection.

fallback blogs
Grace DeMun,

Countdown to Dublin

Pre-departure jitters, frantically packing and worrying I forgot something, and finding places I want to check out when I'm there. Get ready, Dublin. I'm coming...