Through the Wind and Rain

Grace DeMun
November 20, 2015

I have been blown away recently! And I mean that in the most literal and figurative sense. It’s been immensely windy here in Dublin, and every day it seems I come back from my internship or classes and can hear the wind relentlessly blow through the keyhole of our apartment door, whistling loudly. It is almost frightening at times how strong it is, but it also makes for thoroughly cozy evenings, sitting and watching the nasty weather outside and enjoying a nice cup of tea inside. Truly peaceful.

Figuratively, I have also been blown away by what I’ve been seeing and experiencing in my travels. Amsterdam was a true mix, in my eyes, between London and Edinburgh—just enough of a big city feel, while still holding on to more traditional and historic architecture. Bikes were basically piled up on top of one another in the streets; I’m pretty sure less than half of the population drove a car! We spent the time taking the train and the trams wherever we wanted to go. Despite the equally windy and rainy weather that we experienced, it was loads of fun (“good craic,” as the Irish might say). We got to see the Anne Frank House (only an hour’s wait in line, which we heard was great time!) and the Red Light District (saw my first peep show…quite an experience in itself haha). We also went to a few pubs and restaurants, and, of course, the ever present “coffee shops,” where weed is smoked care-free. What an amazing city. An equally diverse, interesting, and unique place to spend a weekend.

Back in Dublin, the city has continued to prove to be rich with things to do and see. Since we’ve begun to see the end of the road here (only three weeks left!) I think all of us are starting to try and do the little things we’ve been meaning to do around the city. This week, for instance, a group of us hopped in a carriage to take a ride around St. Stephen’s Green and then up to Merrion Square. It was a very cold, very adorable trip! Magpie, our horse, was sweet enough to pose for a picture afterwards. The next night, we went over with one of our professors to meet up with some of the other American students studying in another program here. It was interesting to be around all Americans again, and strangely awkward haha! It makes me wonder if I’ll feel the same when I get back.

Overall, though, it’s been a good week. It’s really nice, sometimes, to not focus as much on the big things that are happening in your life, but instead on the smaller moments, the ones that seem to pass by without you noticing but that still have a significant impact on you. These little moments, these are going to be ones I’ll remember just as much as the bigger trips I’ve had since being here. That’s why I’ll continue to sit in my apartment when I can, listening to the wind through the keyhole and sipping on a nice cup of tea.

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Grace DeMun

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