Chandra Dickey

<p>Chandra Dickey is a junior at Scripps College in Claremont, California studying Politics, International Relations, and History. She is really excited to journey to Nantes, as it is her first time out of the United States. While abroad she hopes to learn more about Nantes&rsquo; rich history, try a bunch of new foods and learn the many quirks of the French way of life. &nbsp;</p>

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Scripps College
International Relations

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Chandra Dickey,

A Slower Pace

Choosing one thing I love about Nantes would be impossible, but the pace of life is just right for me.

Chandra Dickey,


My first week in France has been pretty intense, but I think I'm beginning to love it.

Chandra Dickey,

Unexpected Circumstances

I'm thrilled about my trip to Nantes, but somehow became under the weather a few days before takeoff. Sometimes unexpected circumstances become moments of...