Unexpected Circumstances

Chandra Dickey
December 30, 2014
I'm currently an immobile mass of sniffles and tissue. Not because of my tumultuous emotions about studying abroad, but because the universe had the bright idea of getting me sick a few days before my first international flight. So, I've been chugging water laden with Airborne tablets and taking any and all decongestants I can get my hands on. In some strange corner of my mind I'm wondering if this is a sign. That studying abroad will be filled with unexpected circumstances-like getting awfully sick- and I'm just going to have to make the most out of them-in this case by binge watching all of the Harry Potter movies on ABC. 
Still, I'm excited to leave Georgia and explore a new place. Going to school in California has been a travel experience in itself. I've been to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and I've even spent a week wandering around the beautiful mountains of Yosemite. But this time is much different, because I'll be going abroad for the first time...ever. I'll be in a new country learning how to navigate in an entirely different language. Quite frankly I'm a big ball of emotions. But overall I'm eccstatic to discover yet another place and cross something off of my ever lengthening bucket list. 
I have no idea what to expect of France or Nantes itself. As someone who constantly overthinks the minor details in life I've had to restrain myself from trying to fit my entire closet and bathroom into one medium sized suitcase. Instead I've visited friends, spent time with family, and googled "top things to do in Europe while studying abroad" compulsively for the past two weeks. I've emailed my host mother a few times and she seems pretty excited to meet me, she even volunteered to pick me up from the Nantes train station! 
There will be a lot of things to get used to this semester, I'm sure I haven't thought of everything, but I am definitely ready for a new journey. 

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Chandra Dickey

<p>Chandra Dickey is a junior at Scripps College in Claremont, California studying Politics, International Relations, and History. She is really excited to journey to Nantes, as it is her first time out of the United States. While abroad she hopes to learn more about Nantes&rsquo; rich history, try a bunch of new foods and learn the many quirks of the French way of life. &nbsp;</p>

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