Catalina Perez Parra

<p>I have traveled all around the world and I consider it to be one of my greatest hobbies. I have met so many people of various cultures and I have been so privileged to be able to experience cultures first hand, primarily because of my family. It was always so refreshing to see how someone’s take on an event could be so different than someone else’s. In college I have been very interested in government and policy making.</p><p>I worked at the White House, on the hill, and at DOE experiencing various stages of the policy process. I am also very involved in the Charlottesville community in volunteering at the pro bono law clinic and interning for a non profit governmental awareness association. I hope one day to go to law school and achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer but for now I am just trying to make a difference among the people that I meet and in my community.</p>

2018 Summer 1
2018 Summer 2
Home University:
University of Virginia
Virgina Beach, VA
Government, Public Policy

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