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My name is Brady Judd. I am from Mill Creek, Washington, and I am a third-year history major at Whitworth University. As a history nerd, I am incredibly excited to be traveling to the UK. I have also long been a fan of British culture, watching shows like "Top Gear" and "Sherlock" as I grew up. I am an avid learner, so I can't wait to share all of the things I will be discovering with you.

2022 Fall
Home University:
Whitworth University
Mill Creek, Washington

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Saying Goodbye to Oxford
Brady Judd,

Saying Goodbye to Oxford

I now find myself packing once again, only this time to return home. While I will certainly miss the UK, I am incredibly grateful for the time I have spent here...

A Family Visit in Europe
Brady Judd,

A Family Visit in Europe

I recently had an incredible experience traveling with my family to Paris and having them here in Oxford. We got to see some incredibly sights and make some...