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<p>Hey all you humans, my name&#39;s Ben, and I just happen to be living in Madrid, Spain! I&#39;ll be here total for 6 months (I came early for an internship), and I&#39;ll be sharing my explorations, the city, travels, school, highs, lows, I&#39;m-not-quitesure- what&#39;s, friends, random people who I&#39;ve never seen, and more! I&#39;ve moved around a lot back home in the states, but currently I live around the corner from Milwaukee, WI, and go to Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN where I study Mechanical Engineering and (for now at least) Communications Studies and anything else that&#39;s interesting. Now I&#39;ve gotta go and try and contain my excitement... I typically take headshots for other people, so a selfie will have to do...</p>

2015 Fall
Home University:
Vanderbilt University
Communications, Engineering - General

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Benjamin Streeter,

What I didn't know

I imagine I haven't gone abroad and see what I didn't expect knowing what I all know now. It really turns into a cliche fest...

Benjamin Streeter,

2 weeks - 2 continents

I take a trip to Morocco and Ireland and make a video about it. And then talk about how life in Madrid is cool too even if I don't make videos about it...

Paris Thumbnail
Benjamin Streeter,

Paris got me thinking...

Basically, I go to Paris and am reminded of how much I think I know stuff and then it ends up I don't really know them and stuff...

Four guys do the Camino de Santiago
Benjamin Streeter,

The 100 km stroll

For some reason, 4 dudes decide to do a part of El Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage to the famous Cathedral of Santiago in northwest Spain. After walking from...