The 100 km stroll

Benjamin Streeter
November 3, 2015
Four guys do the Camino de Santiago

Sometimes when you're studying abroad, you just do some random stuff. Actually, most of the time you do some random stuff, but sometimes you do some really random stuff. Such as decide to do part of El Camino de Santiago, a network of various pilgrimage paths throughout eastern Europe that all lead to the Cathedral of St. James in northeastern Spain. Of course we don't exactly have time to walk from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela (~ a lot of km), but with a 4 day weekend, we could do the 100 km from Madrid to Segovia. So why not. Granted, we were 4 dudes so we just messed around the whole time.... But it was definitely a ball. So I hope you enjoy this extremely serious video about our little excursion.

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