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<p>My name is Ali, and I&#39;m a Political Economy major at the University of Southern California (Trojans!). &nbsp;Ever since I was a little kid and found out that there was such a thing as &quot;study abroad&quot;, I dreamed about doing it. &nbsp;I&#39;d stare at the famous Midwestern cornfields and wonder what it would take to go see the world. &nbsp;I loved the idea of picking up and leaving everything, even if it was only for a short while. &nbsp;Now, I&#39;m living the dream and studying abroad in Berlin, Germany.</p>

2015 Spring
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University of Southern California

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Student stands in front of the "Liebe" statue at the Kulturbrauerei
Ali DeGuide,

The Last-Minute Tourist: Part II

Part II of my last-minute round-up of Berlin. Includes the Pergamon Museum, Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, and Mauerpark Flohmarkt.

Photo of Paintings by Therry Noir at the East Side Gallery
Ali DeGuide,

The Last-Minute Tourist: Part I

This week marks the beginning of the end, my last minute sightseeing tour around the city that has been my home for half a year: Berlin.

Parade Float at the Karnival der Kulturen in Berlin, Germany
Ali DeGuide,

La Vida es Un Carnival

My thoughts and observations from the Karnival der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) that took place in Berlin last weekend.

View from the Top of the Fernsehturm
Ali DeGuide,

Berlin There, Done That

In this chapter, my parents visit my city, Berlin, and end up teaching me more about it than I ever expected to learn.

View of the City Square in Munich, Germany
Ali DeGuide,

Easter Break (Part 1): Munich to My Ears

Part one of my Easter Break trip through Munich, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Vienna, Budapest, and Nuremberg. Part one discusses the cities of Munich and Ljubljana.

Tea and Cake at the Kaffee am Meer Cafe in Berlin, Germany
Ali DeGuide,

Roses are Red, Veilchen sind Blau

My thoughts on Germany after only about a week of being here, told in coffee shops and confusion. Note: This post was originally published on March 7, but due...

American Students at the Kanzleramt in Berlin
Ali DeGuide,

Of Mozart and Men

Three weeks after arriving in Berlin, I take a moment to appreciate the friends I've made.