The Final (Exam) Countdown

Ali DeGuide
July 10, 2015
Library located in the Bundestag

When I received a text this morning from one of my friends at home asking me how I was, I responded, "My mouth isn't capable of yawning wide enough to explain how tired I am". It may sound silly, but burning the candle at both ends isn’t really good for anything other than unhinging my jaw. Sometimes I’m not even lighting my candle at either end: I’m just letting it burn down until it’s nothing more than a pile of wax lying on my desk. With only a month left before I return home from my study-abroad adventure, I feel as if I don’t even have time to rest my head, let alone slow down.

Between studying for finals for my Humboldt-Universität classes and working at my internship nearly every weekday, I've set myself up to be very busy. My internship is fantastic, and I adore the people I work with. The work environment is great and I’ve had many opportunities to step out of my comfort range, both in general tasks and in terms of my German language skills. Studying for finals for my Humboldt classes is, on the other hand, not quite as enjoyable. I’m not accustomed to taking courses where the entire grade is based on the final, and I'm finding it very difficult to do nothing other than study for an entire month.

Hopefully I’ll make time from my packed schedule to check off the last of Berlin's sights. Deep down I know that I won’t be able to see them all before I leave because this city is just too big and dynamic, and new sights are popping up every day. Still, that won't stop me from spending all my extra energy trying to memorize the every last corner of my city.


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