Where to Shop in Dublin

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Zuni Rubio
October 12, 2022
Where to Shop in Dublin

            Hello, friend, it’s good to have you back. Today, I’ll write about a few shops around Dublin where you can find good items, going from clothing to food. Because my budget is limited, my blog will be focused around affordable businesses.

            Recently, vintage fashions seems to be making a comeback and Dublin is not different. There are several vintage shops around town, but a good cluster of them you can find around Temple Bar. My personal favorites up to this point are Nine Crows, where I found cute jackets and backpacks for a decent price and in great condition. Lucy’s Shop is more expensive, but they have a bigger assortment of clothing, including sunglasses, hats, and adorable tote bags. Finally, for vintage shops, Tola is a good place to go to look for t-shirts.

            Now, because vintage shops are pricey, if what you need is a few essentials at affordable price, there are charity shops sprinkled all over town, though a good number is close to the Temple bar area. Penneys is a store where I’ve seen anything from coats to night-out shirts at a good price and often on sale. My personal favorite location of the store was the one in Kilkenny, where I went for a day trip about a week ago. I normally wouldn’t include H&M on the same list as one that has charity shops, but I actually went a couple of times and each time, I received a great discount. For example, this past weekend, I got myself a pair of much needed jeans, a shirt, and three pairs of socks for 20 euros. 

            In terms of shoes, I wish I could offer more advice. There is a good number of shoe stores all over. You can practically walk out into the street and you will see them everywhere. Because of my budget, I really only went to Schuh, where they had a student discount and found boots for 50 euros. 

            For grocery runs, Lidl is my personal favorite. It’s the most affordable option, which I’ve supplemented with the products on the Asian markets on Parnell street, the same one I like on. 

            But if what you need are living items and essentials, such as towels, bed sheets, laundry basket, clothes hanger, or a broom, Guiney’s and Living Islands are good option, one minute from each other on Henry Street. 

            Finally, in terms of eating out, Do Falafel. It’s at walking distance from the IES Abroad Center, where we take classes. This, is my absolutely favorite place in the entire town. Except for Boba Bar, which is close to where I’m staying. I will never confess how many times I have eaten at Do Falafel, and especially at Boba Bar, which by the way offers meals along with boba. Seriously though, another good place to go and where you can also enjoy some green grass is the Merrion Square on Thursdays. It’s on Thursdays and on Thursdays only, that several food trucks gather around and where you enjoy anything from a falafel, spring rolls, Mexican food, and drinks. I didn’t check out the deserts, but I remember seeing a pastry food truck as well. 

            I hope this was helpful, and have a lovely day!

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