Housing: Beckett House

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Zuni Rubio
October 29, 2022
Housing: Beckett House

            Hello again! On this occasion, I’ll be writing about the Beckett House, which is the student accommodation I’m living in here in Dublin through IES Abroad.

            In Beckett House, at least the apartments that you stay at through IES Abroad, you share with about 5 other people, and you each get your own room with the bathroom and toilet in the room. These are all connected to a halfway that lead to a common living room and kitchen, which is pretty spacious and comes with kitchen appliances. I will say, some of these appliances are used and old so not in the best condition, but it’s not the case for all. Depending on your apartment, your kitchen might have two fridges to share among 6 people.

            A problem that me and several others have encountered is the shower drain. When I first arrived, it would take forever to drain and it was not very pleasant to stand on a puddle of shower water, but you can go to the apartment portal to put in a work order that will get it fixed! I’ve put in this same work order twice because it begins to clog again after a while.

            The apartment comes with a small gym, a common study and hang-out space, and a theater room where you can watch movies with your friends. Beckett House also has a laundry, although a bit expensive and the dryers don’t work very well. However, it is very convenient if you don’t have the time to go out to a laundromat. 

            My favorite part about Beckett House, however, other than having your own room and bathroom, is the rooftop. Late at night during the week, there’s not as many people there and it’s nice to enjoy some quiet time while enjoying the city view with some snacks.

             In terms of location, the apartment is about 30 minutes away from the IES Abroad center where we take classes, but there is a good number of ways to get there, and you can also choose to walk. I’m not the fastest walker, but it takes me about an hour to get from the apartment to the center if I’m quick. Finally, as the apartment is very centrally located in the city, there’s plenty of grocery stores and restaurants nearby to get food at, or a good number of pharmacies.

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Zuni Rubio

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