Academics in IES Abroad Dublin

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Zuni Rubio
October 29, 2022
Academics in IES Abroad Dublin

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in an English speaking country where I’ve heard more Italian than any other time in my entire life, is a city by the name of Dublin. Smack in the middle of it is Beckett House, where, if you decide to come to Ireland through this program, will be staying at. 30 minutes from there, is a lovely little—and when I say little, I mean tiny—center. That’s where you will be taking classes. 

The center itself is in Rathmines, which is great because it’s surrounded by food and more. Just up the street is the cutest little café where you can grab either a quick coffee or lunch, you can even put two steps down to the Spar (it’s like a 7-Eleven) and grab a drink in the break between classes. Depending on which classes you’re taking, you can have up to an hour of break in between, and there’s a generous amount of restaurants walking distance—Japanese, falafel, Spanish, etc. Or cafés, if you choose to study during the break. 

Another lovely thing about the location of the center is that there is a gym about 5 minutes down that even has a pool—I’ve never been because I always forget it’s there, a cinema, and a river (river is not the right word for what it is) that you can walk along and it offers a relaxing space.

In terms of academics, one thing I HAVE to say (and if you come, you will hear it from Stephen too, and he’s 1000% right), and that is that you HAVE to take the Northern Ireland Troubles class. Truly, the class I’m learning the most in is that one. Also, Michael is such a wonderful teacher, and he lived through part of the conflict and was affected by it. In short, take it. Please.

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