A Handful of Days Before Take-Off

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Zuni Rubio
August 28, 2022
A Handful of Days Before Take-Off hero

            I’m not sure how to start my first blog, but I guess I should introduce myself first. Some people, some friends call me zucchini, so you can, too! I’ll be going to Dublin for the Writer’s program, which I’m excited about in many ways! For one, I’m excited to escape the summer Texan heat of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day. Though I will have to make a conscious effort to bundle up so that the change in weather doesn’t make me sick. I’m also excited about meeting new people from all over the world and experiencing a new pedagogical approach to the classroom. I look forward to being able to walk places—living in the U.S. without a car, going anywhere is a hassle.

         I’m also excited to join the Trinity College swim team, which is close to my housing assignment. Continuing something that I’m familiar with abroad will help me make friends faster and find a sort of routine to anchor myself in when I feel homesick. If you want to do something similar, I hear there are several other sorts of clubs you can join, and it’s not uncommon for students to do so!

         However, this excitement I’m only allowing myself to feel recently. For most of the summer, I have tried to keep my mind away from the upcoming experience and focus on the present. Mostly, it’s because of this fear the opportunity would fall through—a pandemic, canceled flight, political turmoil, you name it. It would still be difficult if plans fell through, but easier than if I allowed myself to be excited. My therapist would be upset to hear this. The truth is, the worry will be there until I land in Dublin.

         Of course, I wouldn’t recommend pushing away thoughts about the experience back. It can partner up with procrastination, which I’m guilty of, and cause problems. Firstly, I decided that I would get a SIM card for my phone while in Ireland. That was all I did, write into a list to buy a SIM card. So, last night, when I tried to buy a SIM card and found out that the options I had saved required me to have an Irish number and Eircode—which I think equals to what we call a zip code—I panicked. All this means is that I have to unlock my phone from my carrier first. And that I will have to pay a little extra to get a SIM card from amazon, instead of directly from the providers. In other words, it’s not as big a deal, but I do tend to be dramatic. Or maybe it just felt that way because it was 1 am.

         Another reason I don’t recommend detaching yourself is that you can overlook important details. Let me explain. Two nights ago, on Thursday at midnight, while I attempted to update my flight schedule for the fourth time, I realized that my physician’s examination was incorrect. In my last visit to the doctor, my medicine was changed to a different brand. While I did get the new form after much running around town, the stress that veiled Friday left me in a sleep coma for all evening and well into Saturday. 0/10 recommend.

         Everything said and done, I’m excited—though also a bit nervous—about the take-off to Dublin in a few days. And the packing I haven’t started. 

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Zuni Rubio

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