The Nostalgia of the Parisian Café

Zoey Tyson-Taylor
December 9, 2021
A simple picture of a Cafe on Avenue D'Italie

Hey guys! I know that it’s been a long while since my last post. I was traveling a lot this past month and time got away from me big time.

There are a few things that most people imagine when they come to Paris. Some of those things are La Tour Eiffel, the ancient city, or even the tasty food. Except there is one thing that most people are excited to visit is a Parisian café. The first Parisian cafés were founded in the 1660s, but they started getting popular in the 1700s. There are more than 7000s cafés in Paris and one almost on every street.

The café serves as the culture and social life of Paris. It’s a meeting place, networking spot, rendezvous point, and a place to refuel from the day. They were a place for intellectuals, politicians, even the French revolutionaries went to talk about their next course. The Parisian café has been at the forefront of many amazing moments in Paris. Even the Impressionists artist used the café as a way to get themselves out there and talk about life.

The café is almost like a haven for all the important aspects of your life. It’s the place to have your first date or your first kiss. The place to meet amazing people from all walks of life, to start your own company, to observe Paris’s natural beauty. Each café is different and has its unique personality. All you have to do is just pick one and know that your life will be changed.

The Parisian café is a trend that has been around for years, and it doesn’t plan to go away any time soon. Just order you a creamy hot chocolate and a buttery, warm croissant and watch where life takes you in the beautiful city of Paris.

Zoey Tyson-Taylor

<p>Bonjour Mes Amies! My name is Zoey Tyson-Taylor and I’m a senior studying at Hollins University, majoring in Business and History. Don’t worry, I know it’s a weird combo! I am studying abroad in Paris this Fall of 2021. I am so excited to be sharing my journey with you all! My favorite things are my family, language learning, and good food. But my one true love is ice cream…</p>

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