The Christmas Market Experience in Strasbourg

Zoey Tyson-Taylor
December 12, 2021
Christmas Tree

As we wind down to the holiday season and the end of the semester...Christmas is one of France’s biggest holidays celebrated and one of my favorite holidays. Christmas in France is not only a season but a mindset for many of the French. They may not have the big decorations inside of their home, but it is what they do on the outside that counts.

While in Paris, I was excited to experience the spirit of Christmas before it was time for me to go. I hadn’t heard many things about the holiday season while I was in France, but I did know about the Christmas markets. The first Christmas markets were created around 1434 in Germany on Christmas Eve when Germany covered many territories in Europe. The first Christmas market in Strasbourg started in 1570 and it’s one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Europe. It’s truly a beautiful place and a nice area to experience the true Christmas spirit. Paris has a few Christmas markets around the city itself and many beautiful decorations to celebrate the holiday.

I, myself, enjoyed going to the Christmas markets and seeing all they had to offer. I’ve been to both the Christmas markets in Paris and Strasbourg and had a great time seeing most of everything.

I traveled to Strasbourg for a weekend to spend some time in the city and explore all that it had to offer. It’s such a beautiful city with many medieval touches. With Strasbourg not being a very big town, most would think there would be only one of two Christmas markets. There are about 11 markets in the old town (Grande Île) and only 50M (165 feet) between most of them. I went to a few markets in areas like Place Kléber, and Place de la Cathédrale de Strasbourg. There’s nothing better than being in the Christmas market with a nice warm cup of hot wine to keep you warm while you explore the Medieval city. You get to see so many things like hand-crafted China and silverware, delicious foods to taste, beautiful Christmas decorations, and a gorgeous tree that lights up at night in Place Kléber.

One of the best things about going to the Christmas markets in Strasbourg is buying presents for family, friends, and yourself. There are so many things to buy that those people created that are excellent gifts. I, even, got a few things for some of my family. Not only that, but the sights you get to see around the markets. At Place de la Cathédrale de Strasbourg, the cathedral is set right behind the market with music and lights. It makes a perfect place to see the beauty of Strasbourg. As a lover of Christmas and the holiday experience, being in Strasbourg was the best thing in the world. Not only did I enjoy myself, I appreciated the way another culture made it a season of joy and happiness.

Even though I spent some time in Strasbourg and was able to experience the Christmas market, I wish I had more time to see all of the city and the beautiful landmarks. If you ever get the chance to go to Strasbourg for the holiday season, take your family or a few friends. You’ll enjoy yourself and be able to buy a lot of presents for family and friends. Maybe even buy some things for yourself. Also, take the time to see Strasbourg for what it is. It’s a beautiful little town that has the Christmas spirit.

Zoey Tyson-Taylor

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