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La Vida en la Residencia

xiaobo xia
April 12, 2015

Residence hall or host family? It was my biggest question before coming to Salamanca. It seems to me that living with a host family helps you integrate into the Spanish culture more easily but on the other hand, choosing to live in a residence hall might give you more freedom. I was assigned to live in Colegio Cuenca-a student residence hall close to the Facultad de derecho and Facultad de economía. So far I have enjoyed living in a residence hall. It took a while to get adjusted but I think it is great to embrace what you have and try to jump out of your comfort zone once in a while. 

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xiaobo xia

<p>Hi I am Summer Xia from Bowdoin College. I have spent 16 years in China, almost 6 years in the United States, and I am ready to take on the journey to Salamanca Spain! I can&#39;t wait to start my exciting journey in Spain, getting to know the people and culture. I love cherishing my life by taking pictures and recording. Music is also my passion, playing oboe and singing my favorite jazz songs have become my daily routine for relaxing.&nbsp;</p>

2015 Spring
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Bowdoin College
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