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Victoria Pandeirada
May 28, 2017

I have officially hit the 24 hour mark before I am in Italy. I am Canadian, and the only Canadian in the Milan Summer Internship program- embarking in an 8 week internship in Milan. My name is Victoria and I am a fashion student back here in Toronto. I have talked so much about doing this and wanting to live abroad for so long, that I cannot believe the day has actually arrived. 

Planning a trip is sometimes half the fun. Searching where to eat, watching tourist vlogs, reading numerous Top 10 lists. Top 10 Restaurants in Milan, Top 10 Cafe’s to Instagram, Top 10 Places to Window Shop, Top 10 Places to Panic When You Can’t Find the Bathroom- It all becomes one big blur of places YOU MUST SEE! It’s overwhelming going to a new place, and I am use to building tight knit itineraries in order to save time and experience the most. 

But for two months, it is almost impossible to plan an itinerary. I am forced to “go with the flow” and do whatever comes up. It is equally exciting as it is frightening. As someone who is perpetually early to things, I have to accept I am entering a culture that might not have the same neurotic ideals as me.

My bags are packed, and are about to explode. Packing for two months is impossible! No matter how many packing advice articles you read, it is difficult to part with the idea that you might be kicking yourself for not brining those cream mules! I have successfully jammed all my “essential” clothing items in what looks like a fabric Jenga into my suitcase and just hope the screen reads, 50 pounds as I tip it on to the scale. 

I have a 8 hour trip ahead of me, flying solo. I have downloaded countless podcasts, brought books and can only hope the movie assortment is good. One thing I don’t have control of is if my seat partner is a snorer. The next two months I am hoping to get some things accomplished, and if I tell you guys, there is all the more pressure to actually follow through. So here they are:

1. Keep a strict food diary- not only to remember all of the pasta and pizza I ate, but also to keep track of how much I’m spending!

2. Pick up on Italian. I am 4% fluent according to the Duolingo app, so I have quite a bit to go. Does watching all 3 hours of La Dolce Vita and the first two episodes of Master in None count as educational? 

3. Write more. This blog will force me to, but I also hope I can get some creative writing done everyday to remain productive, and really stick to the “travelling rom com” I am committed to. 

4. See as much of Europe as possible.

Talk to you soon. 

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Victoria Pandeirada

<p>Victoria is a 21 year old writer and graphic designer interning in Milan. A self proclaimed bad dancer who is dedicated to eating all of the carbs in Italy. She is set on figuring out how many ways she can mispronounce Italian phrases and remain charming in social settings</p>

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