Trip to Tuscany

Tyler Close
March 13, 2013
An outside view of the Cathedral Duopo di Siena Inside the Cathedral Duopo di Siena A sculpted depiction of Jesus on the cross inside Duopo di Siena A vast assortment of chocolate goods being sold at a local market in Siena An iconic church and bell tower located in the town of Siena A view of a Siena Neighborhood during a sunset A group of IES students as they visit the town of Siena A view over Siena after a passing storm A view over the town of Siena One of the several farmhouse styled rooms that a group of IES stayed in during their stay in Tuscany A historic farmhouse located in the heart of this Tuscan lodge where IES students stayed for their IES weekend trip One of the many courtyards located on a Tuscan lodge where students of IES resided during their weekend trip. A collection of wine barrels at a Tuscan winery A tour guide explaining the process of wine production to a group of IES students An area of the Tuscan Winery where wine was produced. One of the several sign posts directing guests to different parts of the Tuscan lodge One of the several dogs that roamed the grounds of the Tuscan winery and lodge. A tour guide introducing a group of IES students to a wine cellar in Tuscany A tour guide explains to a group of IES students the purpose and process of a wine cellar A small hidden room in a Tuscan wine cellar where additional wine bottles were stored. An area in a wine cellar where wine is being stored in Tuscany An area in a Tuscany wine cellar where wine is being kept for aging and storage. An instructor explaining to a group of IES students different types of wine and their different qualities in Tuscany. A cooking instructor demonstrating how to make homemade pasta from scratch An IES student learning to roll dough during a cooking class in Tuscany An IES student helping an instructor make homemade pasta in a cooking class in Tuscany Another shot of a group of IES students making pasta noodles from scratch in Tuscany IES students preparing a homemade meal of pasta in Tuscany An IES student rolling dough to prepare for the nights pasta dinner in Tuscany A perspective shot taken from inside Duomo Di Siena

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Tyler Close

<div><span style="color: rgb(29, 29, 29); font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal; background-color: rgb(237, 237, 237);">My name is Tyler Close and I am a junior studying at Indiana University in the amazing town of Bloomington. While I am currently studying Management and Business, my main passion in life is commercial photography, which I hope to pursue after graduating. I am hoping to capture many amazing images while in Rome and I hope you follow my blog to see them yourselves as well as receive your feedback!</span></div>

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