JAPANESE SNACK HAUL! It's snack time!

Tiffany Sun
October 25, 2016

In which Callie, my lovely IES friend with a stomach made of steel with a snacking ability of legends, eats many, many snacks with me. There's really not that much to the video itself, as we featured, opened, and snacked for a good 40 minutes or so on video, condensed into 5 minutes (with no fast-forwarding tool abuse and cuts only, mind you), and then another hour or so of actually finishing all the snacks we opened. Actually, I am proud to say that there's not a single microphone peak within the entire video, which is a feat and also very, very pleasant to listen to compared to previous vlogs.
For the record, the natto beans are still very much still sitting on my counter, zip-lock closed in its convenient packaging, beckoning me with its stinky, beany, crunchy tendrils of regret. I very much do not like natto. The taste took a very long time to get out of my mouth, really.
I have to say my favorite snack might have even been the first snack of cabbage puffs. I didn't go in expecting much, but my expectations were very much exceeded. The wiggle-wiggle jelly was also very surprisingly delicious, even with its, as Callie put it, "delightful texture" included.
Unfortunately, I had to cut out a couple snacks in editing due to time issues, as well as a fair amount of rather good snack descriptions. Specifically, Callie had said that the whipped cream-like, tangy candy in a tiny jar was very similar to what they brush onto your teeth in the doctors office. She was not wrong.
Eaten, but not featured: Calbee "tsubu tsubu vegetable" chips in thin, fry form, a large, taiyaki-shaped biscuit with aerated chocolate on the inside, "church wafer" (description courtesy of Callie) chips in sour cream and onion flavors, Sanrio-character bubble gum, and butter chicken Chip Star chips (essentially Pringles, but in a previously unseen flavor).
Thanks for watching and joining us in our eating adventure! I hope you questionably found some satisfaction from us eating foreign snacks.
Music credits:
"Mighty Like Us", "Salty Ditty"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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