How to Eat Kaiten Sushi

Tiffany Sun
December 23, 2016

It was our third-to-last day in Japan, so we decided to eat kaiten sushi! Well, correction, Sierra and Kaochi wanted to eat kaiten sushi, so they invited me after I had bought my bread for lunch, so I ate the bread and then I went for second lunch with them. Mmm, second lunch. Delicious.

Regardless, one of my most interesting experiences at various kaiten sushi joints was when two tourists came up in the seats next to us at the bar and didn't know how to get tea. The husband asked his wife if she would like tea, pretty confidently, I must say, and then proceeded to look at the cup and the faucet in a confused manner. After fiddling with the faucet, he managed to get liquid flowing into the cup and then stared at it, mumbling something about the tea looking weak. He took a sip and then said that it was good tea anyways, which it was not, because he was drinking 100%, state-of-the-art, hot water. Looking back, I could have corrected them, but on the other hand, they seemed pretty convinced and I think correcting them in a public space could have been embarrassing.
Of course, there's no right way to eat kaiten sushi or anything along those lines, especially since it's a cheap and fast meal, but this is just for some ideas on how it works! There are plenty in America as well, though all the ones I've been to all have different ways of running themselves.
On the other hand, I would recommend choosing wisely. Kaiten sushi joints seem to be raising their prices recently, so it's getting more difficult to find plates that are at 100 yen (108 with tax), and a lot of places may start at that price, but most of the dishes at the price range are not things like salmon, but more like corn salad wrapped in seaweed. Don't be fooled either--just because the prices are higher doesn't necessarily mean that the sushi will taste better. I personally avoid places that look like there are a lot of tourist customers, because most of my experiences at those places have been more painful than delicious. In fact, I once had squid that I couldn't even chew when I went to a joint in Osaka... That aside, I really do recommend Sushiro! I've been there more than a couple times and it's one of my favorites, with plates that are generally all in the 108 yen range, and with good fish! The quality can fluctuate, but I've never had a bad experience.
Enjoy your sushi!

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