Can You Fit the Tsukiji Market into 5 Minutes?

Tiffany Sun
September 27, 2016

In response to the title, the answer is no, you cannot fit the Tsukiji Fish Market into 5 minutes, even with rampant abuse of the fast-forward tool, which I must admit is excessively tasteless. Regardless, should you wish to actually and leisurely browse through the market via my videos, I highly recommend use of YouTube`s speed setting functions, because I`m willing to guarantee that this may be difficult to enjoy otherwise.

Amidst low quality and excessive video speeding, I`ve again managed to procrastinate to the very last minute, and also somehow cannot figure out my video settings for the life of me. This may be one of the worse for wear videos I ever produce, the word produce being used very, very loosely. But, the more I go, the more I learn, so! Onwards. Hopefully.

The main area of the market, the auction, was closed by our arrival since it's usually done early morning, and thus not featured in this video, but I was told that nowadays it's much more difficult to get into the auction anyways, even when it's open. We did walk around the various streets and saw a large amount of sushi shops, ranging from traditional sushi and sashimi, to donburi. Additionally, shops sold knives, various varieties of dried sea creatures, senbei (rice crackers), sushi-themed goods such as candy and keychains, and fruits, vegetables, and nuts. As stated, Tsukiji Market is also very well known for their fruits and vegetables, though this information is not very well known to some of the Japanese public (and by default then, most foreigners). Surprisingly there were a large amount of shops that had no relation to Tsukiji whatsoever, selling ice cream and bread and such, but it was not unwelcome.

It's surprisingly difficult to actually find sushi or sashimi that you can walk and eat with. Most places are restaurants, understandably so, but we didn't have enough time to sit down and eat without sacrificing exploration time. We did find an IES Abroad staff member, Shin-san, who led us to a place that was selling sushi and rolls that you could grab and go with, and it was a delicious experience. You can probably take a look at the rich color of the tuna we bought in the video.

I don't even think we managed to go through the entire market. It would be truly hilarious (I say this in an absolutely sarcastic manner) if it turns out that this entire time we weren't even walking through what could be considered the Tsukiji Fish Market. But I digress, and hopefully I did breach the boundaries of the market. Unfortunately I had to take a lot of footage out, and had to split this entire trip into 2 vlogs, but lucky me! That makes me up to the monthly requirement amount. See you very soon for part 2 of the trip!


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