The IES Abroad Student: Battle of Spring Break

Tessa Vande Creek
December 23, 2017

In this last segment of my three-part series on spring break in the southern hemisphere, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures and memories. 

We spent a morning exploring cathedral cove and it was a perfect start to our journey through the north island, with blue skies and beautiful water. 

A vendor's puppy in Rarotonga, eyeing up a chicken leg.  There are tons of dogs on the island, but they are all so so friendly.  We had a puppy chase us on our bikes one day, and the next day she met us again at Muri Beach! Saturday Markets, where we met this puppy, and Thursday night markets, are also a big thing in Rarotonga (but definitely a bit of a tourist trap!). 

We found a really friendly gelato shop with the BEST french vanilla gelato I have ever had.  We all hung out at the beach to eat it, and the picture is of Kristen dipping her feet in the water and enjoying the islands vibes. 

Kristen (again!) showing off her newly made sarong.  Our first day in Rarotonga we got a chance to learn about maori dances, Rarotongan history, and make our own sarongs and crowns. 

The north island crew found a cool tunnel (leading up to the Durie Hill Elevator), and I forced Madison to model for me.  Look at her smolder!

Allison and Camille enjoying a sunset on Muri Beach in Rarotonga.  

I made a really nice friend at the Redwood Forest in the North Island.  Too bad I couldn't take her home :(

Eunice (our program director!) talking to some of the kids at St. Josephs school.  I believe in this moment they were asking her how old she was and where she went to school (lol).

My first New Zealand rugby game! The All Blacks vs Argentina, and the All Blacks pulled out the win.  It was an awesome night, and we sat next to some really really cool kiwis.

Waving hello from the beautiful, crystal clear waters of Rarotonga. 

And that's all folks! My favorite pictures of Spring Break.  

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