Ecuador 6

Tayler Sartin
April 1, 2017

Iñaquito market. The amount, variety, and color of all the food is incredible.

I have seen some of the most amazing flowers here. It is in fact one of Ecuador's largest exports.

Puerto Lago reminded me a lot of home in Minnesota (apart from the mountains, of course).

El Nariz del Diablo in Alausí, Ecuador.

A train ride through the mountains in Alausí, Ecuador.

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Tayler Sartin

<p>&iexcl;Hola! My name is Tayler Sartin and I&rsquo;m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This spring 2017, I am studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador with IES Abroad and directly enrolling at the Universidad San Fransisco de Quito. Back at my home school, University of St. Thomas, I am double majoring in Spanish and Environmental Science-Biology with aspirations to protect the environment throughout the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. I feel most connected to nature and love surrounding myself with it. I always find myself taking pictures or videos to capture the scene and allow others to experience the same moment and beauty I did. I believe that there is beauty in everything, we just have to stop, open our eyes, and allow it to come in.</p>
<p><span style="font-size: 13.008px;">I hope that you like my blog and always find the beauty within.</span></p>

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