5 Berlin Winter Fashion Must-Haves

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Sylvia Waechter
February 19, 2024
A girl poses in front of the Berlin Cathedral. She's wearing a grey scarf over her head, a tan jacket, jeans and black boots.

Berlin is one city that has certainly mastered the art of keeping warm while staying stylish. Steal the look with these 5 items.

1. Doc Martens

Boots, mary janes, or oxfords doc martens can go with almost any outfit. Seen all over Berlin, these shoes work great for long walks on cobblestone streets, or spending time in the classroom. Berliners of all ages can be seen wearing Docs, or similar style boots, in all sorts of weather - from a sunny Saturday market to a rainy Thursday U-Bahn ride. Just don’t forget to wear a pair (or two!) of thick socks when you’re first breaking them in!

2. Long Coat

In my experience, Berlin weather may not be super cold on the thermometer, but that wind can really make it feel chilly. One of the most common articles of clothing I’ve seen around Berlin to protect against the cold is a long coat. Whether it’s a puffy jacket or wool coat, most Berliners seem to own something that is at least mid-thigh length. These coats range from bright colors to warm grays to dark black, so feel free to choose the one that best suits your style. Personally, I’m still looking for mine but it seems like Sunday flea markets (such as the one at Mauerpark) are the place to find vintage wool coats.

3. Leather Jacket

Although Berlin can be quite cold and cloudy, there are days where the sun comes out and it warms up ever so slightly. This is when Berliners break out their leather jackets. These jackets can be dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans or worn for a night out. If you arrive in Berlin without a leather jacket I would definitely recommend checking out the flea markets. You’ll be able to find one that is already worn in and has a lower impact on the environment(something Berliners love). You’ll find a multitude of styles, so choose your favorite! A leather jacket can last you a long time and is never out of fashion.

4. Big Scarves

During any given winter day in Berlin, you’ll see a multitude of large scarves. People wear them piled up to their chin around their neck on the coldest of days, or hanging loose when it gets warmer. The chicest of people wear them over their head in a balaclava style to keep their neck, head, and ears warm. If you want something to brighten-up even the grayest of Berlin days, opt for a floral or bright color-block pattern. If you want something to wear with every outfit, choose a more neutral solid or striped pattern.

5. A Hat

Because it can get pretty cold in Berlin,  a lot of different hat styles are popular. A stocking cap will keep you warmest and is certainly a common choice here. Fisherman style and newsboy caps are also popular, however I would recommend one that covers your ears to insulate from the freezing February winds. Something fuzzy is definitely my pick, it’s stylish and extremely warm.

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