My Time in Berlin: A Digital Scrapbook

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Sylvia Waechter
May 29, 2024

My semester in Berlin fundamentally changed who I am and the way I think about the world. I learned to love solo traveling, became inspired by Berlin’s creative scene, and met people from across the world. I also gained much more nuanced opinions about urban planning, international relations, and cultural differences. These are all things that I will carry with me as I finish my education and move into my career.

This experience has ignited a love for traveling to new places and trying to truly understand what it’s like to live there. I plan on taking more time to study or work abroad and learn about a new place, its people, and culture. Maybe this will bring me back to Germany or Europe, or perhaps I’ll be able to explore an entirely different city. Either way, I know it will yet again expand my worldview and inspire me to learn more.

I look forward to my return to Berlin. To walk my route to class again, take another U-Bahn ride, and visit my favorite canalside cafe (it’s La Maison, if you were wondering). However, until then I’ll only have my pictures to look at and friends to (virtually) reminisce with.

There were certainly times that I was counting the days until I could be home again, but next thing I knew I was saying goodbye to all my friends and crying as my train pulled away from Berlin. It’s cliche to say, but when you’re abroad take a moment everyday to look around and appreciate being there because it will be over before you know it. Take picture, keep a journal (or a blog) and do whatever you can to hold on to these moments.

In my digital scrapbook, I want to highlight my favorite photos from my time in Berlin. From making new friends, to eating amazing food, I hope to remember these moments forever.

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Sylvia Waechter

Guten tag! My name is Sylvia, I'm an Urban Studies student at the University of Illinois - Chicago and I'll be studying in Berlin, Germany this semester! I'm a total public transportation nerd and love to write reviews of different transit systems that I ride on. Follow along as I explore Berlin, travel around Europe, and continue my education as an 'Urbanist in training'.

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