Packing for Pura Vida

Sydney Perlotto
January 27, 2014

It is finally time to leave! Tomorrow morning bright and early I will board my flight to Costa Rica for a new adventure. I am slightly apprehensive, but from past experiences abroad I know that once I get there it will be completely amazing. The past week has been quite a struggle in getting everything ready; I am chronic over-packer because I feel like I must be prepared for every situation. Yes, on past trips I have been the girl who carried emergency toilet paper in her bag – but friends traveling with me never complain! I finally was able to compile the ultimate packing list for my trip using various sources from the internet as well as past IES bloggers (thanks!). Here are a few essentials that I am taking with me on my trip to Costa Rica.

1. Waterproof watch: Past IES bloggers have recommended this for Costa Rica because of the humid climate as well as outdoor adventures. I definitely heeded their word and bought one with a light in it so I can see in the dark as well.

2. Waterproof camera: Another recommendation from a past IES blogger, although disposable cameras work as well. I plan on exploring the outdoors as much as I can while abroad, and I don’t want a nice camera to be damaged in the process. Waterproof cameras are built for endurance.

3. Sunscreen and bugspray: Based on advice from friends and relatives who have traveled to Costa Rica in the past, it is good to bring sunscreen and bugspray because they are expensive in-country.

4. Present for my host family!: I bought my host family some nice chocolate, including turtle shaped chocolates to represent my home school University of Maryland – go terps! Hopefully my Mama Tica has a sweet tooth.

5. Waterproof hiking boots: If you haven’t already noticed, there is a theme emerging. I have been packing as many waterproof items as possible because Costa Rica is humid and wet. I am expecting these hiking boots to serve me well on many excursions but especially during the second course at EARTH University.

Those are my five recommendations, and I will make sure to check back again at the end of my trip to let you know what worked and what didn’t. The semester will be over before I know it, but I can’t wait to share my adventures along the way!

Hasta luego,


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Sydney Perlotto

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