Exploring the Blue Mountains: A Photo Series

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Sophia Ferraro
July 3, 2024

During my first week abroad in Sydney, we were taken on a day trip to the Blue Mountains, with a stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park to meet and interact with some of Australia’s most exotic (and adorable!) wildlife. From a kangaroo trying to munch on my hair to a beautiful hike that makes the hardest level on the Stairmaster seem peaceful, this day was nothing more than memorable and a great bonding experience for my cohort. As I’m halfway through my internship program with IES Abroad, I’m reminiscent of my first feelings abroad: the excitement, anticipation, and nervousness of being far from home. I didn’t know what to expect from the people I would meet, or from my internship, but with five weeks under my belt, I can confidently say that it has been a thrilling, eye-opening, educational experience that I’m sad to be halfway through. Since the realization that this trip was close to ending hit me, I began scrolling through my photo album with overwhelming feelings of nostalgia and bittersweetness, which is when I stumbled into this day trip. Despite the weather that day being chilly and rainy, I remember it being the first time I felt comfortable abroad, with the nerves I felt before leaving my system. While the anticipation for my internship still lingered, my most prominent fear was whether I’d make any new friends, or be able to expand beyond what I knew. Before coming abroad, my school year was difficult, with many curveballs thrown in my direction. I simultaneously craved peace and challenges, meaning I wanted to happily push myself without having to experience the knockdown. Fast forward to our trip to the Blue Mountains, I realized that this was the experience and separation from comfort I needed to grow. 

I’m glad I documented this day because I can look back and see a girl who was scared slowly not be. Plus, I can share it with all of you, so enjoy!

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