Segovia: The Land of Mystery

Sofia Wiener
January 21, 2014

¡Hola a todos!

Ayer fuimos a…I mean…yesterday we went to visit the marvelous city of Segovia.  Once again, (and you’ll see this as a pattern), I do not want to say too much with words in regards to what I present to you, but rather, I want to show you what I saw.  I’d like to highlight one thing that struck me the most, however: the mystery.

IES provided us with a wonder tour guide who explained all the facts and history of Segovia to us. Yet what she wanted to maintain in us was a sense of mystery as we toured the ciudad.  It’s no wonder that in front of the 2,000 (two THOUSAND) year old aqueduct, the Segovian people came up with a myth that says it was built by a demon who fell in love with a beautiful girl in the town.  How is it possible that something so ancient can still be standing so beautifully and perfectly?  It really does seem like it requires a supernatural explanation.

I hope my photographs can give you a taste of what I saw yesterday.

Adiós for now!


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Sofia Wiener

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