Take Me Back to Barcelona

Shannon Sunnergren
November 5, 2014

I just spent three nights in Barcelona, Spain, along with the majority of my friends studying abroad in Europe this semester. It was a very popular Halloween destination. The tapas, the architecture, the nightlife, the iced coffee, the warm weather… I could go on forever. It was a blast. I even watch the sunrise over the ocean, while sitting in the sand. It was so nice to see friends from back home, and so fun to be with my Milan friends as well. We all dressed up for Dia de los Muertos one night, and then went to a really sick Porter Robinson concert the second night. The Sagrada Família was breathtaking and unique to all the churches we’ve seen in Europe so far. It was like an ice castle inside. Parc Güel was also really exciting, the mosaics were so pretty, and we watched street performers play Coldplay on their Spanish guitars from the top of the mountain.

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Shannon Sunnergren

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