Pre Milan!

Shannon Sunnergren
August 25, 2014

Today marks exactly one week until I start my new adventure in Milan! I am getting very excited, the suitcase is out, and everything is becoming reality. I am finalizing my packing list, saying goodbye to friends and family, and getting my affairs in order so I can pick up and leave the country for three and a half months..what?!

This is going to be such an amazing experience. I cannot wait to meet new people, see new places, and breathe in a whole new culture. I am certainly excited to travel to different places in Europe while I am in Italy, however I am extra excited to be in Italy long enough to really get a feel for what life is like there. I know it is going to be very different, but beautiful and a great learning experience nonetheless.

I am anxious to step off the plane in Milan and start experiencing the great unknown. I have heard only amazing things from friends who have studied abroad in the past, so my hopes are high that I will fall in love with this new country in no time; but for now, I will be trying to narrow down my life into a 50 pound bag!

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Shannon Sunnergren

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