A Solo Weekend in Wicklow (and Dublin!)

Shana Pike
November 16, 2016

These past two weekends have been a little hectic!

I'll explian further about my first solo adventure in detail, but for now I thought I'd share some pictures of my journey. After flying out of Schiphol Airport on Thursday evening, I arrived in cold (1 degree Celcius!) and windy Dublin. This was the first trip I booked when coming to Amsterdam, as it was a really cheap trip to book (thanks Skyscanner) and I wanted my first solo trip to be in a country with less barriers (i.e. English is the main language in Ireland).

Although I have gone through various forms of transportation on my own, I haven't gone to a new place and explored it to my heart's content. There's something extremely envirogating about wandering where you want to wander, following your own schedule, and forcing yourself to chat with people that you don't know as opposed to latching on to your travel buddy. 

More details are to come, but for now - enjoy the lovely sights of Dubin, Wicklow Co., and Kilkenney! 


Shana Pike

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