First Few Days In Barcelona

Sarah Semmel
July 5, 2013

So Barcelona has treated me quite well. After traveling all day I finally got to meet up with my roommate at the airport. We meet with the IES staff and they sent us on our way to our homestay. We live with an elderly woman named Eva and she is just as nice as she can be. She asked about our food preferences, showed us how to unlock and relock the doors, asked us when we would want to shower during the weekdays. She is the perfect homestay. My room has a beautiful room of the city. I live in an apartment so I am up a few floors, which is nice because I get to see more from up here. We are about a 25 minute walk from our classes, 10 minute trip if we were to take the metro, but we really like walking around the city!
So far we have visited La Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta and Port Olymipc (which are both beaches), and Park Guell. I am having the time of my life here and I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with! Getting to know the other 9 students in my program has been a blast and we are getting to be pretty good friends. Everybody is pretty accepting of everyone else and we try to include everyone on any outings we take, which is nice. There is one girl on our trip who speaks Spanish really well, and that has come in handy quite often so far.
More to come soon!

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Sarah Semmel

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