Endless Adventures in Barca

Sarah Semmel
July 11, 2013

After a few weeks here I am really starting to know my way around and I feel a lot more comfortable. I know how to navigate myself around the city, which is wonderful. I’ve also gotten the hang of ordering my food in Spanish and talking to people. Classes are going well. We have class from 9-1 Monday-Thursday so it’s not too stressful. My professor is wonderful and so helpful. Plus it’s a really good way to know some of the other students in the program. We have gotten pretty close so it’s really nice to have people here who know what it is like to be so far away from home.

We visited an ancient city named Rupit this past weekend. It was phenomenal. The city is tucked in the mountains of Spain so it was a 2 hour bus ride to get out there and we got to hike into the city and all around it. The way that they relied on nature to get their water and food was pretty cool. It felt like we traveled back into time for a day. Our tour guides took us to the top of a mountain and we could see for miles and miles up there. It was simply stunning.
We’ve been doing a lot of exploring here. A lot of times after class we’ll just walk around until we find something cool to do or look at. It seems like the city is limitless. My favorite part has to be the amazing architecture and art and how common it is here. This city is nothing like back home :)

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Sarah Semmel

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