Beautiful People

Sarah Miyahara
December 12, 2016

I thought it appropriate to dedicate one of my blog posts to all the wonderful people I have gotten the privilege of spending this semester with. Studying abroad is no easy task wherever you go, but I personally think Morocco is one of the hardest places to be. The culture shock is a lot greater than any country in Europe, and the way of life is, simply put, a complete 180 from anything else any of us have ever experienced. Without the help and support of the 22 other people in my program, I’m not sure if I would have had such a great experience as I did here.


All 23 of us have been stuck with each other 24/7 from August 28 until today. For most people, we might have killed each other by now, and it’s honestly a miracle that we have gotten along as well as we all have. Not going to lie, there have been ups and downs, as probably expected, but it is an incredible thing when you feel comfortable traveling, studying, or even venting with any person in a group. I mean, when all 23 of us got sick our first week here from drinking tap water, we all had to get close pretty quickly. The bonds made here in such a short period of time were desperately needed, because no one else knows all that we’ve had to endure here except for us.


I’ll forever be grateful for my experience here and all that I’ve learned, thanks to this group of people. Thank you for all the support, laughs, and friendship made along the way.

Sarah Miyahara

<p>Hello! I&#39;m Sarah Miyahara; originally Southern born, California raised, Chicago educated, and now Morocco living! Taking a break from life at Loyola University Chicago where I study International Studies, Political Science, and Peace Studies, to spend my first semester of my junior year abroad. I&#39;ve always loved photography, particularly because it&#39;s the only art I&#39;ve ever been good at, and now I can&#39;t wait to share my photos with you!</p>

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