Berlin & Prague Field Trip

Sarah Clemens
March 1, 2017

Getting to tour the Reichstag building—Germany's White House—in Berlin was an amazing experience. The tour was very personal and the building itself reflected Germany's troubled recent history and its optimistic outlook for the future at the same time. The "Gipfel" or the dome pictured here, is a beautiful glass dome in which you can walk to the top, giving a 360 view of the city of Berlin — quite amazing illumiated at night. 



Captured here is a former prison that belonged to the Stasi during the Soviet occupation of East Berlin, Hohenschönhausen. Walking through the haunting corridors and looking into the cellblocks gave me shivers. The experience was intensified as our tour guide himself was a former prisoner in a Stasi prison. Visiting a Stasi prison and having a personal discussion with someone who lived through this time impacted me very much, and I am very thankful for being able to have had the experience. 



Between the beautiful architecture and beautiful sights, it's hard to choose my favorite part of Prague; however, the street food definitely makes it to the top 3 on my list of Prague highlights. Potatoes on a stick. What Czech genius thought of this? Unknown genius, I thank you, because these freshly fried potatoes made the perfect snack to share with a friend while exploring the enchanting streets of Prague. 

Possibly even more genius: Trdelník. This warm gooey sugary dough cone can be filled with chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, apples...the list goes on. Imagine a freshly made giant churro which you can fill with sweets. Pure genius. Luckily all the walking in Prague allows for multiple Trdelník without too much guilt. 



IES Abroad students looking over the Vltava river in Prague and the view from the Charles Bridge. Can now cross off watching the sunset from the Charles Bridge in Prague off of my bucket list (if it's not on yours, add it — it is an amazing sight).



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