Already in love with Freiburg

Sarah Clemens
February 28, 2017

A street musician fills the bustling morning market at the Münsterplatz with charming music, completing the atmosphere of feeling like one could be in a German market a century back.


Freiburg, also known as Germany's greenest city, is recognized for the amount its inhabitant enjoy biking as a means of transportation. Captured here, bicycles line a bridge of a canal in one of Freiburg's charming side streets.


Studying abroad in Freiburg is not complete unless one takes advantage of Freiburg's vicinity to the Alps. A 45 minute and 5.70 Euro train ride away lies Feldberg, a paradise of powdery snow, mountains, and evergreens like something out of a National Geographic magazine. 



Nothing like a soft and warm waffle lightly powdered with sugar after a long morning of skiing. Luckily, these are not just available in the mountains, but at multiple cafés and street stands in Freiburg—there are many to choose from that surround the IES EU center. Get them with hot cherries or chocolate sauce, or even plain, and it will brighten your whole day. 


Even though it is not the biggest city, Freiburg continues to surprise me with unexpected passages and charming hidden corners. I decided to get lost one day and see where exploring would take me, and happened upon a series of streets and bridges along a canal system. This part is known as Freiburg's Venice, and I argue it truly is, of course with a German feel. Along this canal system, there are cute boutiques, cafés, restaurants and bookstores. Not far away from the IES center nor the main square of the city, but hidden if you don't venture outside of this area a little bit. I learned that it is definitely worth getting lost in Freiburg and letting oneself wander, and I am excited to see what else I happen upon during my stay here. 


One of my favorite aspects of Freiburg is the beautiful architecture. Quite a bit was destroyed during WWII, but Freiburg is lucky that much remained. For this reason, you will see some of the most beautiful old villas all over the city. In fact, this home is right across from the IES EU center, and the center itself used to be an old villa as well.

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Sarah Clemens

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