FunkTerm Berlin #4: Voiceless in a Foreign Place

Sarah Axtell
October 17, 2015
FunkTerm Berlin logo, featuring a big ol' radio tower
It's FunkTerm Berlin, an audio chronicle of my time abroad. Episode 4 is, at its core, about communicating. With a focus on my temporary inability to do so. Episode notes for the week: A. You'll note that I haven't been blogging for a while, and that I skipped an episode! Never fear, #3 is coming soon-- it's just set to be a bit of a whopper (how does one summarize a trip to three countries in one podcast?) and because of my voice issue, I haven't been able to record narration for a week. It'll be out sooner than you can say "Eichhörnchen." B. Music credits: 0:05/1:10 Okay - Tracy Chen 0:44 Hatschi-Waldera - Nina Hagen 2:28 Jein - Fettes Brot

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Sarah Axtell

<p>Sarah Axtell hails from the steel-forged hills of Pittsburgh, PA and is a Linguistics/German double major at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. Her interests include derelict architecture, modern art, and cutting-edge lowbrow pop culture. Berlin has plenty of these things to offer, and she&#39;s so excited to be spending a semester there.</p>

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