FunkTerm Berlin #2: This American Tourist Life

Sarah Axtell
September 13, 2015
Some IES students in front of a wall with a Trabant painted on it.

It's FunkTerm Berlin, an audio chronicle of my time abroad. Episode 2 includes experiences with German humor, tourist venues, and staying safe abroad.

This week's episode notes:

A. For those German-speakers tuning in, you can read the Aprilscherz article that had us all bamboozled here.

B. For more of César the trombonist, check out his Facebook page.

C. Music credits:
0:11 Prenzlauer Berg - Beirut
2:07 Postcards from Italy - Beirut
3:46 Zieh die Schuh aus - Roger Cicero
4:09 Schieß mich doch zum Mond - Roger Cicero (covering, of course, Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon)

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Sarah Axtell

<p>Sarah Axtell hails from the steel-forged hills of Pittsburgh, PA and is a Linguistics/German double major at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. Her interests include derelict architecture, modern art, and cutting-edge lowbrow pop culture. Berlin has plenty of these things to offer, and she&#39;s so excited to be spending a semester there.</p>

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