Where Would You Go?

Sara Menendez
August 11, 2014

Before leaving to Brazil the only thing I can think about is my family and my friends and how much I’m going to miss them but also how exited I am to make new friends and a new Brazilian family. I decided to ask some of the people closest to my heart here in Venezuela “if they were me where would they study abroad and why” and these were their answers:


“I would choose Italy because in Italy I would find a historically sequence that is really appealing. Starting with the Etruscans, the Phoenicians and the Greeks. Then, the Romans and all the development of the Roman Empire, the transformation of the towns into city-states and the explosion of the Renaissance leaving not only architecture but all the traditions, different wines and foods, painting, sculpture and music of such a variety that one would never be bored.”

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“I would choose Berlin because I could learn a new language and also perfect my English. Also because of their idiosyncrasies and the way things work, I would like to experience that because it’s really different than in my country.”

“I would go to Paris because I love the city. Because it’s a city that in addition to its historical and architectural load is a city to walk, to live, to love for so many wonderful things. Also, I would choose Paris because maybe I can feel like “La Maga” in Julio Cortazar’s ‘Hopscotch’….”

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“If I could close my eyes and appear in a place I would choose Paris. Is a destination that has always caught my attention because of its tourist attractions and that it also gives me the possibility to travel around Europe. To travel means to get out of your comfort zone but the ones that do not take the risk of traveling aren’t living life to its fullest. Is like starting a book and only read the first page.”

My name is Sara Menendez, and I chose Brazil. I think that the heart of a place is their people and I have a hunch that Brazil is full of life and love. I can’t be more excited about this semester. Going to Brazil means so many things to me and I can’t wait to share all my views with you because as they say a photo says more than a thousand words.

One last thing… where would you go?

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Sara Menendez

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