Predeparture Painting & Procrastination

Sallie Rochelle
August 31, 2019
The Sewanee Cross

Hi everyone, my name is Sallie and I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the next three and a half months! I only have one more full day left until my departure, so I have been frantically running errands, making lists, and throwing really unnecessary things into suitcases. During this exciting time, I have been painting to calm my nerves and ease all the anxieties that come along with moving to a country I’ve never been to before (and it’s a great way to procrastinate packing). I go to Sewanee, which is known for its big, beautiful campus, so I decided to paint the most iconic and scenic Sewanee view - The Cross!

For the next few months, my blog posts will consist of original art, mostly drawings since I can’t pack all my painting supplies, and a lot of photography. I already have weekend trips to Tarragona, the Pyrenees, Munich, Positano, and Capri planned, and I’m sure I will be traveling even more, so my posts won’t exclusively be about Barcelona. This was actually my first landscape-y painting because I’m usually just into doing portraits, but I thought it was challenging and fun. I already miss Sewanee and driving to The Cross blasting music with my friends, but I cannot wait to be in Spain!

For this painting, I used oil paint on canvas (and my dog as a stand because she’s cute and I’ll miss her too).

Sallie Rochelle

<p>Hi! My name is Sallie Rochelle, I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and I am a junior at Sewanee. I am majoring in Psychology and Spanish but have always had a passion for the arts, whether that be dance, music, writing, painting, photography, fashion- I love it all! For the most part, I enjoy drawing or painting photographs that I have taken myself. I focus my art on mostly portraits but love to explore many other subjects, like landscapes, architecture, and abstract. Also, I love to travel and believe that photography and art is a perfect way to capture a moment or image that you want to remember forever.</p>

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