Food, Food, and More Food!

Sallie Rochelle
December 9, 2019
Churros and chocolate at Tibidabo

From pizza in Italy and Spanish paella, to waffles in Copenhagen and vegetable tajin in Morocco, our stomachs were never empty and our taste buds were never bored! Abroad is definitely the time to be adventurous with your food choices and try all of the traditional dishes in the places you travel to. I also highly recommend trying out some cooking classes, even if you aren’t the best cook or don’t particularly enjoy it, because you can meet new people, learn how locals cook, and it’s just fun! It’s really easy to book classes and other experiences on sites like Airbnb or GetYourGuide too. My cooking class in Marrakech was especially unique because we went to a market first to buy the ingredients with a local, who did not speak any English, and we picked out a living chicken from a stand and watched it be “prepared” for cooking, which made for a scarring yet memorable experience! In Barcelona, there are tons of paella making classes, wine tastings, and market tours that are absolutely worth trying if you are studying here or visiting next semester. Besides my food pictures, I have also included photos from some of the places in Barcelona that I had been waiting to go to, like Citadel Park, Bunkers, and Tibidabo, which are all must-sees! These places were perfect to watch the sunset with friends and de-stress during final exams.

Sallie Rochelle

<p>Hi! My name is Sallie Rochelle, I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and I am a junior at Sewanee. I am majoring in Psychology and Spanish but have always had a passion for the arts, whether that be dance, music, writing, painting, photography, fashion- I love it all! For the most part, I enjoy drawing or painting photographs that I have taken myself. I focus my art on mostly portraits but love to explore many other subjects, like landscapes, architecture, and abstract. Also, I love to travel and believe that photography and art is a perfect way to capture a moment or image that you want to remember forever.</p>

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