Trying to Find a Piece of Home While Abroad

Sabrina Kennelly
February 3, 2015

   It all started on Sunday night when I found myself googling up where the closest Pizza Hut in Paris is. I don’t even like Pizza Hut in America, let alone eat it frequently to remember the last time I ate it. Yet somehow on a Sunday night it ended up in my google search with the nearest location in Paris. So maybe I’m starting to crave a slice of the US. Its official: The three week mark has hit, and with it has come a small case of reminiscing about the US. I was so set on leaving the US. Especially when listening to politics on the TV. Yet, somehow I’m stuck here in the middle wondering how I can feel so at home in Paris yet so, well not. I know this predicament is very descriptive (sarcasm) but it’s hard to explain. Maybe I can’t explain it yet because I haven’t fully come to terms with how I’m feeling. Fine.

  Social media hasn’t helped too much either. I see my friends and family posting pictures of their lives back home and a part of me wishes I was there with them creating memories. But then another part of me, is in awe that I am finally making a place called “home” in Paris. I honestly couldn’t be more confused. Fortunately, talking about this hasn’t been hard with my peers at IES and with my family. This is my first time going out of the nest so I know that it’s going to be hard at times for me. I love being at home AND out with my friends. I would describe myself to be a good combination of both an extravert as well as an introvert. I’m just going to allow myself to be a tad less introvert than I usually am. Instead of thinking about the memories I could be making in the US I’m going to focus on the ones that I can make right now in France. And sure not all of them are going to be picture perfect memories or experiences here in France. But that’s life: it’s not always going to be like the cheesy American movies. Even if I do have the stereotypical movie window view of the Eiffel Tower from my bedroom. So maybe the last two days have been a bit weird. But in my journey of missing home, I have found pieces in France that have reminded me of the US. And I cherish them a bit more, even if it is Pizza Hut.

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