Songs That Match the Mood

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Roxane Bolon
December 3, 2022
Songs That Match the Mood

My headphones were a constant item in the fanny pack I wore as a crossbody during my time in Buenos Aires, so whenever I was in transit or really just relaxing, I was almost always listening to music. Listening to songs that matched the mood made me feel like someone out there, even if in a completely different situation, understood the energy I was feeling. I began to make playlists based on my routines and, along with my monthly playlists, accumulated quite the list of new songs. I began to associate certain activities with certain playlists—for example, my bus playlist that I only listen to when I’m on the bus—but I found that there are also really specific songs that go along with these activities. So here I am to document them, in case you need a musical accompaniment to your quotidian tasks. 

We begin with a classic: Strawberry Fields Forever (remastered) by the Beatles. For some reason, this was always the first song I played when I got on the bus. It’s a very sweet little song and sometimes getting on the bus was a bit of a chaotic affair, so it sort of served as a means to decompress when I was on my way to my next thing. The Beatles have such a whimsical way of singing sometimes and that is definitely something that brought my energy up when I was feeling down. See also: Nowhere Man (remastered)

I only listened to more serious music if I was really ready to lean into the bad days, so most of these are going to be silly fun songs (if you want more check out my spotify @roxanebolon - shameless plug), but I often found myself walking around to More Than a Woman by the Bee Gees. It makes me feel like a disco-era person bopping on those light-up dance floors, but instead I’m just wiping gum off the bottom of my shoe while it plays in my ears. Fake it til you make it, right? See also: Night Fever (From: Saturday Night Fever)

We all get homesick when we’ve been gone for a while, and I was no different. Being from North Carolina, sometimes I like to reconnect with my tranquil guitar farm-esque vibes with Carolina in my Mind by James Taylor. I might be sitting at a park or cafe, in my room, in a museum, wherever, but it always brings me so much comfort and peace. It reminds me of hot summers eating ice cream and going to the diner I’ve been going to since I was four. Maybe an obvious pick, but there’s something about his sweet sweet chords and lyrics that bring me right home, especially when city life feels too chaotic. See also: How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)

A bit of a vibe change, but everyone needs a good getting-ready pregame song. It’s 12:30 and you’re putting on your outfit to go out to a bar, so you need a song to re-energize because it’s late to you but people in Argentina probably haven’t even started going out yet. I enjoy listening to music in Spanish because I feel like it helps my language acquisition, but also it just sounds really cool. If I’m being honest I can’t really figure out what this song is about, but Poquito by Tego Calderón has been my go to get ready song this semester. See also: Al Natural (feat. Yandel)

Last but certainly not least, we have a song I only started listening to recently. When I’m studying I like to listen to songs in different languages because it helps me focus better, so usually I’ll find some french or spanish playlist and listen to that while I work. If you need to zone out and get everything done, start with L’amor fa calor by Renaldo & Clara. See also: Fent amics 

And that is what I have for you—I listen to these songs so often and they mean a lot to me. I think music contributes so much to my experiences and I love that these songs hold memories that I can always look—or listen—back on. One day when I am old and getting ready for the elderly bingo club I can play Poquito by Tego and wonder what I was thinking all those years ago, but for now, it's at the top of all my playlists.

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