Para Celebrar: Chocolate Con Churros

Rachel Thompson
April 1, 2014

Most of my friends who have studied abroad in the past haven’t spoken too much about the studying part. In truth, much of the learning of study abroad happens outside the classroom, while exploring a new city, conversing with a stranger in another language or trying to read a map.

This past week, however, I had to buckle down a bit and prepare for two projects, two papers, a quiz and two final exams in my university classes.

On Thursday afternoon, once it was all done, I spent the rest of my day enjoying Barcelona. My first stop was La Pedrera, one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces that I walk by all the time, wishing I had time to go in. I bought my ticket and started up the stairs, not realizing how many floors there were. Once I’d reached the top, I stepped outside onto the patio to find some of the architect’s signature modernist designs, plus magnificent views of the city. I went through the rest of the museum with a smile, wondering why I’d waited so long to go in the first place.

My next stop was Viader, a bustling little café right off Las Ramblas. I didn’t even need a menu. Chocolate con churros, a signature Spanish dessert consisting of thick, melted dark chocolate and freshly-made fried delights for dipping, had been on my mind all day. Each spoonful tasted more and more delicious until the cup was scraped clean.

A very sweet way to polish off a week of hard work. And another reason I love living in Spain.

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Rachel Thompson

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