Cuando en Barca, Eat Here

Rachel Thompson
April 28, 2014

If you’re anything like I am, part of the fun of experiencing a city is nibbling around a bit and finding new places to eat. Lucky for me, Barcelona has plenty of those. A few of my favorite foodie finds from this semester:


1) Brunch & Cake- whether you’re craving eggs benedict, a breakfast pastry or simply a warm bowl of oatmeal, this place hits the spot. Offering “non stop comfort food” and “home-made all-day brunch,” Brunch & Cake has something for everyone (and low prices to boot.)

2) Milk- started in 2005 by an Irish couple, this trendy bar capitalizes on the needs of Barcelona’s club goers and sleepy folk with its recovery brunch, served every day from 9-4:30. Comfy pillows and colorful accents add to its charm, while diners choose from omelettes, salads or fluffy pancakes. The delightful seasoned roasted potatoes on the side, though, may be its best offering.


3) Da Greco- anyone paying an afternoon visit to Sagrada Familia should add this Italian restaurant to his or her list. After a pleasant 20-minute walk down Diagonal, you’ll find yourself in a Renaissance-looking space with paintings, sculptures and large menus, and you can’t really go wrong with anything you choose to order. Best of all, the staff will bring you a tasting plate of each pasta ordered at the table.

4) Bo De B- a classic student favorite. This hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop may not look all that impressive, but you’ll change your mind once you sink your teeth into one its huge bocadillos. The meat is grilled fresh right in front of your eyes, the vegetable choices are almost endless and the sauces are just divine. Be prepared for a line, because there’s almost always one out the door.


5) El Xampanyet- this little gem of a place is just around the corner from Santa Maria del Mar cathedral and usually packed. But if you can handle a crowd, scoot your way in and order a cerveza, then choose from a variety of tapas. Being surrounded by quickly-spoken Spanish is part of the fun, and with the bar’s social atmosphere, you may just make a new friend.

And if you’ve got a few extra euros to spare…these next two places weren’t exactly designed for a student budget. But if you’ve got family in town or feel like splurging on a nice meal, they won’t disappoint.

6) 7 Portes- as one of the oldest restaurants in the city, 7 Portes has been proudly serving Catalan delights for over 175 years and has certainly mastered its paella. If no reservations are available (and often, they aren’t) go anyway and wait for a table. Your appetite will thank you.

7) Els 4 Gats- this historic Barcelona favorite was frequented by Picasso during his years in the city, and the decor and menus pay tribute to his influence. Dinner in the restaurant’s back room is delightful, but you can also go for a coffee or tapas during the day.

And let us not forget the sweets…

8) Xocoa- with several locations around the city, this fantastic little café serves up scrumptious brownies, cookies and other treats for a sweet tooth.

9) Granja Viader- for a signature Spanish dessert, try this place right off of Las Ramblas and order chocolate con churros. The thick, melted chocolate and crispy churros are a match made in heaven.

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